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8 Things Why Octomom Is Undeserving of Media Fanfare

I just don't get the hype!?!

Nadya Suleman of California, USA made headlines all over the world when she gave birth to octoplets last month. While yours truly find motherhood as an ultimate celebration of being a woman, I am not thinking of the same way for Nadya because most of her actions are irrational. Listed below are the 8 things I consider why Nadya Suleman aka Octomom is so undeserving of media fanfare:


1. Nadya Suleman’s uncanny resemblance to Angelina Jolie is so creepy. Suleman copied everything from Jolie! From the famous pout, the nose bridge, the eyebrows, the hair, the clothes, the mannerisms and down to the way Angie talked about her kids! What is this woman thinking? Now, if those actions is not called obsession guys and gals then tell me what it is. :(


Nadya had plastic surgery, why deny it?

2. Her denial to plastic surgery is so immature as there are pictures surfacing all over the internet that she had made some major enhancements to her face to look like the famous actress. Apparently, she used her disability benefits to support these cosmetic surgeries and her octoplets pregnancy. She had done these medical procedures when she had 6 children on food stamps and assistance from the government. In fact, her mother did not even know about the $165,000 disability benefits she got from U.S. Government Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.  Due to these information I have read from the web – I do find her behavior unacceptable and dishonest.


3.  I really do not understand why the media keeps on reporting her daily events. Like, come on, there are great stories out there! Are the media people  really running out of fascinating people with substance to check out in the United States so they just settle for this? Hey, pleease stop it because her ‘Octomom’ news is getting more hilarious everyday! *roll eyes* :(


4. She could have got my respect if she tried to conceived these poor babies through a natural method. However, she admitted that all of her 14 children were conceived via in vitro fertilization. Wow, unbelievable! Don’t get me wrong on this remark as I love children. But hey, having 8 new kids on top of the 6 children is way too many for an unemployed single mother living on food stamps and student loan. And she calls herself responsible?!?!


5. There are things to consider when raising a child. Basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, medication and schooling are all being considered BEFORE giving birth to them. These things are important for them to survive! While asking help is okay, a responsible parent does not rely on PayPal donations on top of the food stamps! *roll eyes*


6. So, if being unemployed and having octuplets can provide you with free stuffs (shelter, nurses and food) then I believe a lot of single unemployed mother will ‘emulate’ her outlook in life. :(


7. Having the fashionable ‘French Tip manicure‘ is not my first priority when I gave birth to my son. I never had my fingernails long. Now, please tell me why can she still have a manicure with those 14 children in mind? Or is it I am the only one thinking that she really takes care of them? Oh well…


8. So, now I get it why you want to have those babies! You really want a TV Reality Show after all! Poor kids…

I guess I have blogged all the things I find undeserving about her. Oh well, enough said. I am just concerned about the kids she have and what kind of a family they will have in the future. I hope they will still grow up in a normal environment as the mother would do everything to stretch her 15 minutes of fame. God bless those kids. :(

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32 Responses to “8 Things Why Octomom Is Undeserving of Media Fanfare”

  1. 8 Things Why Octomom is Undeserving of Media Fanfare…

    A blogger’s perspective on the Octomom, the octoplets and the media hype around the new media sensation in the United States!…

  2. Roy says:

    I really don’t know her full story and why so many people doesn’t talk kindly to her… reading all those reasons above, now I understand why.

    Reply from Snow:
    I pity her children. She seems to selfish. Inanak niya for fame! :(

    Roy’s last blog post..Francis M shows his nationalism up to the last minute

  3. itot says:

    kawawa mga anak niya

    Reply from Snow
    naku kuya itot, gusto ko na ngang ampunin ang isa kasi naawa ako…showbiz na showbiz ang ina! dyosko gusto pang magpelikula niyan! heller???

    itot’s last blog post..An Evening With Journey! Journey Live In Manila

  4. joanjoyce says:

    dapat ung mga anak nyan ipampon sa mga responsableng magulang, kawawa talaga, ginagamit mga anak para magka pera.. tsk tsk

    Reply from Snow
    naku mareng joanjoyce halatang-halata yang si nadya! graveh sa exposure, tinalo pa si patani! *lol*

  5. Silver says:

    Hello po!

    Nakita ko itong post nyo mula sa comment nyo from Reyna Elena..

    Nacurious ako about your post kay Octomom..and I agree with the points you presented here. In fact, I dont think na this is some sort of speaking ill about that woman but rather telling the reality na having children is a big responsibility…Uber big so to say.

    At nung nalaman kong in-vitro pala ang mga batang yan, I wondered kung dapat na bang magkaroon ng restrictions for women having in-vitro…kumbaga, gagamitin lang ang procedure to the rightful cases, hindi yung magmumukhang baboy na nanganak na ewan..(sorry for the harsh word there)

    Anyways, kung ako ay isang American citizen na nagbabayad ng taxes tapos ang tax ko e mapunta lang pala sa sustento ni Octomom tapos yan lang ang ginagawa nya…

    No doubt, magagalit din ako sa kanya…

    Reply from Snow
    You know Silver, lots of Americans are really getting worried about how the welfare is given… I mean, you can’t just use money to people who are responsible! She is one of the great example… Poor Californians! :(

    Silver’s last blog post..Perfect Time Waster: Daftpunk Keyboard

  6. kengkay says:

    kapag nakikita ko sya sa tv, natatawa ako sa kanya kasi moronic dating nya sa akin e. kawawa naman mga anak nya. pati nga nanay nya di ba sinasabi na karumaldumal din ang ginagawa ng anak nya, hay buhay

    Reply from Snow
    Tumpak mareng kengs! just imagine she questioned her mother’s ability to conceive! unbelievable! *roll eyes*

    kengkay’s last blog post..iskul masaker sa alemanya

  7. sofie says:

    Hello Snow!

    I don’t even remember her. I just heard that someone gave birth to 8 babies in the US. Hmmm… mukhang ginagawa niyang source of income ang kanyang mga anak a. Wala na akong masabi.

    Anyway,have a great weekend!

    Reply from Snow
    hay naku sofie, i voiced out my concerns kasi naawa ako sa mga kids! i am employed pero i couldn’t possibly handle 14 kids…ka-daming platong ihahanda nun sa dining room. fiesta!!! hehehe…

    sofie’s last blog post..On shame and sending messages from God

  8. ceblogger says:

    What would happen to her children is up to the media. They made her famous. Or maybe, this is her way of putting herself in the limelight. Fame ( or notoriety) wouldn’t last.

    Reply from Snow
    Yeah, I believe Nadya too thought that it wouldn’t last but she is like getting her best effort to get everything! Even her last publicist called her nuts. Whoa! Wake up America, nasa financial crisis kayo tapos heto lang pinagkakaabalahan ninyo?! hahaha…

    ceblogger’s last blog post..UEFA Champions League 2009: Quarter-finals, Semifinals and Finals Draw

  9. reyna elena says:

    ewan ko ba dyan, i see these headlines here in the US, pero we ko inintindi. for some reason, asiwa ako sa muka nang babaeng yan. gusto kong sabunutan. hmpt!

    reyna elena’s last blog post..Jim Cramer vs. Jon Stewart: Was CNBC serving the needs of traders?

  10. Snow says:

    naku reynz puede mo bang doblehin? baka mabigyan ng stimulus package ni obama yan! *lol*

    thanks for dropping by. ^_^

    Snow’s last blog post..Thank You February 2009 Top Ten Entrecard Droppers!

  11. she’s psychologically incapacitated that’s why the doctor who did the invitro fertilization should also be culpable.

    desperateblogger’s last blog post..Gasp! Panic!

  12. Snow says:

    @desperateblogger – I agree Lena. That doctor should be the one paying for her enormous hospital bills and baby expenses. I don’t get it why the US media is so obsessed with her. argh!

    Snow’s last blog post..Bloggery Buzz of the Week (03.15.2009)

  13. Rave says:

    Haha ^^ nice, is there a section to follow the RSS feed

  14. marian says:

    hello! i enjoyed reading your blog, and the fact that you noticed every little thing on Nadya. i agree with you, she’s a copycat and she’s trying to be like Angelina Jolie. I just don’t get it why every news outfit in the States is going gaga over this. They try to do anything and everything just to help these poor babies.

    marian’s last blog post..Halo-halo for summer!

  15. reyna elena says:

    i-commercialize ba naman ang mga anak nya pati sya! pokita yan ateng hahaha

    reyna elena’s last blog post..I’m looking for Eduardo Jamora: the son who never saw his father, where are you?

  16. Snow says:

    @marian – i agree with you. i really dont get it too why the US media is crazy about her. this woman is not even in her right mental state.

    @reyna elena – grabe reynz, have you heard that she was a stripper? looking for fame lang talaga siya…kakaasar!

  17. [...] Nadya Suleman aka OctoMom and Kate Gosselin of the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 are now sniping at each other through the press. In an hour into Fox’ special on “Octomom”, Nadya Suleman is confronted with a tabloid photo of a post-tummy tuck Kate Gosselin, and asked if she’d consider plastic surgery too. This is what she replied on the question: “That’s cheating,” she replies. Suleman says she gained 138 pounds while pregnant with her eight new kids (conceived, like the first six, through in vitro fertilization) and has managed to shed all but the last 20. [...]

  18. [...] Nadya Suleman aka Octomom is back again in the limelight as she flaunts her bikini body this week in Star Magazine. She went from 270 pounds to 120 pounds a year after giving birth to octuplets. The mother of 14 posed for a bikini photo spread and insists that she lost the weight without plastic surgery. She told the magazine that she lost weight through good diet and exercise program. Suleman also added that: “No way, I would feel like I cheated,” she tells Star. “I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it on my own, naturally. My friends call me Rubber Band because I always snapped back so quickly after my other kids!” [...]

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  21. Chloe Davies says:

    Jon Gosselin seems like a womanizer to me. I still hope that he would still reconcile with Kate.od couple. |

  22. lee says:

    i dont like both famewhores (octomom and kate) their just using the kids to promote their own asses(bad me) what really surprises me, why americans (not all) still watch and make news about them,abandon them and let see what they will do with the kids.

  23. Liam Price says:

    John Gosselin is not deserving to have the love of Kate’*,

  24. i kinda hate womanizing guys like Jon Gosselin ”

  25. cosmetic surgeries these are very very popular because most people are very conscious about their appearance .,~

  26. lol.Thank you for the interesting post! Kate is hilarious.

  27. rave clothes says:

    Haha this lady is one of the craziest of our time. She’s pretty nuts in my opinion. lol
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  28. Rebecca says:

    Why do you even care? It is her problem how she deals with her live.

    • Chuckabelle says:

      Give me a break Rebecca! This is the author’s blog so he has the right to blog whatever he wants.

      Why do you even comment anyway? Boohooo…

  29. Lights says:

    Ya octomom really gets a lot of undeserving fanfare I mean 2.1 lady, seriously

  30. Aurelio Pousson says:

    Cosmetic surgery is getting very high demand these days. I believe that more women are getting more concerned about how they look. :’*,.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  31. Tyler Kaiser says:

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